• Q°1 – Who are you?

    • The company Net & Law OOD, owner of the Broker Defense brand, aims to fight against financial fraud and trade disputes: https://www.brokerdefense.net/en/legal-notices/
    • Broker Defense provides assistance to victims of financial crime at any stage of the dispute settlement process..

    Q°2 – What services do you offer?

    • A prevention service that allows you to get the necessary information about a company before proceeding with a bank transfer or card payment: »Check & Pay
    • Assistance in resolving financial disputes: „Broker Defense“: https://www.brokerdefense.net/
    • Publishing well-grounded articles and up-to-date financial news

    Q°3 – What are your fees?

    Q°4 – Where are you based?

    • Our company is based in Bulgaria.

    Q°5 – Do you have any recommendations?

    • 4 years of experience in providing assistance in dispute settlement
    • Member of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: http://www.ccifrance-bulgarie.org/
    • Presence in different media
    • Partnerships with attorneys from different European countries, including France.

    Q°6 – I have doubts about a company. What should I do?

    • In case of doubt and in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, use Check & Pay

    Q°7 – I am a victim of financial fraud. What should I do?

    • You must file a complaint with the nearest district government office or the district prosecutor’s office
    • Contact us if you have any questions. Together, we will look at your case and identify what action we need to take to return your money: https://www.brokerdefense.net/

    Q°8 – Have you settled any disputes so far?

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