This website, accessible at is edited by NET & LAW OOD, company with a BGN 5000 equity, registered under 203080575 number, with headquarters 81 Blvd Bulgaria 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria, hereinafter referred-to as the editor. Terms and Conditions are aimed at describing the conditions and guidelines of use of the website, edited by NET & LAW, hereinafter called the Editor. The following website is made available to the public, hereinafter referred to as the User.

Article 1 – definitions

Terms and conditions define the following terms as follows : Content : information, publication accessible from the Website including (but not exclusively) : texts, pictures, videos, charts, brands and logos as well as the general structure of the website Editor : designates the company NET & LAW Form : forms available on the website Website : the current website, accessible at

Article 2 – Website Presentation

The website offers to his users :

    • the freedom to read the content published on the website
    • the sending of forms through a dedicated from

The website offers as well a private interface, reachable thanks to user name and password. This form is exclusively used by NET & LAW clients.

Article 3 – Acceptance and modification of Terms and Conditions

The access and use of the Website is subject to the acceptance and respect of the actual terms and conditions. The Editor reserves the right to adapt or modify the current Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. It’s the responsibility of the User to read the latest Terms and Conditions before visit the website. If the User doesn’t agree with these conditions, he shall not keep his website visit.

Article 4 – Availability

The editor will force himself to maintain the wesbite available 24/7 unless there is a break planned or not : maintenance reasons or in case of emergency. The Editor shall not be held as responsible for a website unavailability, any damage related to an unavailability and the presence of any virus.

Article 5 – Responsability Limitation

The editor struggles to publish content which can be considered as reliable. However, the Editor cannot guarantee the accuracy of these information and shall not be held as responsible for any damage caused by an misinterpretation or use of the available website content. The use of any content on the Website is under the only responsibility of the User. The User sould not have any resort against the Editor in that case.

Article 6 – Hypertext Links

The Website is likely to contain hypertext links which lead to external websites on which the Editor has no control. The User shall be held responsible for using the information coming from external websites. The responsibility of the Editor should not be engaged in the light of information, opinion or recommendation provided by third-party.

Article 7 – Intellectual Property

The website content and structure belong to the Editor and are legally protected by the local laws in the frame of intellectual property. Any copy adaptation, exploitation, either partial or complete of the content, marks or logos available on the website without written authorization of the Editor – is strictly forbidden. These might violate the Intellectual Property Law and expose the violator to civil and penal sanctions.

Article 8 – Personal Data

The website is free from any statement to the CNIL as the Editor is based in Bulgaria, member of the EU. Personal data identified as mandatory within the Forms is necessary to the request feedback made to the User. This data is confidential. Consequently, as per the “loi Informatique et Libertés” dated 06/01/1978 modified in 2004, the User has the right to access and change his own personal data. He can make that request by emailing The User should know that this data won’t be sold to a third-party excluding the Editor lawyers in order to give the best answer on User’s requests. In spite of precautions taken by the Editor, especially about the messages deleted from the network and given the nature of the Internet, the Editor can’t guarantee that the gathered data (filled via Litigation Forms available on the website) won’t be intercepted by third-parties. The Editor souldn’t be held as responsible for the data use collected by a dishonest third party.

Article 9 – Applicable Law

As the Editor is established in Bulgaria, the actual Terms and Conditions are subject to the Bulgarian Law. In case of a litigation, the Bulgarian Court will be competent.

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